Akothee is undergoing a very stressful period, owing to the sudden hospitalization of her dear father and youngest daughter, Fancy Makadia.

Akothee and her Father

Through her Instagram page, Akothee informed her followers the difficult Monday she was having. The controversial musician, serial entrepreneur, and philanthropist said that her day had been very stressing owing following a series of unfortunate events in her life. One, Akothee, the self-proclaimed president of single mothers revealed that her caretaker’s child had been in the hospital for the last one week. Secondly, Akothee said that they were mourning the death of her steward’s father, who had just died yesterday morning. As if that was not enough, Akothee’s father had to be rushed to hospital at around 10.00 AM for undisclosed reasons. As she was preparing to retire bed, much more worrying news came knocking at Akothee’s home; her daughter Fancy Makadia had been rushed to hospital.

Earlier in the day, Akothee says that she had received heartbreaking news that a boy she was sponsoring through school had been murdered.

The boy Akothee was Sponsoring, unfortunately, murdered

Indeed, it was a black Monday for Madam Boss!

However, Akothee remained positive despite her trying moments. She reminded her followers to cherish the best moments of their lives during their bad moments.

You are in our prayers, Madam Boss.