Top Football is Back

Top Football is Back

Top Football is Back After Corona-Bred Hiatus

Top football will resume this Saturday after a two-month shutdown of the world’s most popular sport owing to the coronavirus pandemic. Following a drop in new cases of COVID-19, Chancellor Angela Merkel allowed the continuation of the season on May 6.

German football league, Bundesliga is Europe’s first major league to resume its season.

The return of Bundesliga, however, comes with an unusual look.

Hygiene Protocol Bundesliga is Implementing

For starters, there will be no mascot children-children who accompany football players entering the field. Also, the Bundesliga games will be played in empty stadiums. Instead, some clubs can use music and cardboard cutouts of their fans to liven the match atmosphere.

 Approximately, each game will have around 300 indispensable staff members, and officials will attend, comprising of club executives, stadium security agencies, journalists, police officers, and firefighters.

The Bundesliga has also established strict measures for teams to follow to mitigate probable infections.

Rival teams will have no contact in the tunnel before the game begins, and there will be no handshakes between match officials and players.

The teams will not take the usual pre-kickoff photos to maintain physical distancing.

In the field, players are forbidden to spit, celebrate in groups, or touch hands with their teammates.

Substitute players and coaches must wear masks and sit apart. However, coaches can remove their masks to shout instructions as long as they maintain a 1.5-meter distance with the players.