Over the last few weeks, we’ve read of scientist reports indicating that Coronavirus can live on surfaces for up to 3 days and may stay suspended in tiny aerosolized droplets for about 30 minutes. Yesterday on the 7th of May, Chinese scientists reported that the virus had been found in semen but the report is unclear if it can be sexually transmitted. You can read the Clinical report here.

I think it is fair to say that if you sleep with someone diagnosed with COVID-19, it may be possible for you to get the virus but that hasn’t been tested yet.

One scientist disproved this theory saying:

“Dr. Perlman pointed out that unlike Zika, which is carried in the blood, the coronavirus primarily infects people via an oral or a nasal pathway.”

There is need for more research and what it may imply for sex and the virus. If scientists were to find infectious virus present in semen, we would need to rethink the safety of oral sex and the handling of semen.