165 Kenyans who had been stranded in China are back home. The 165 persons returning from China were aboard a Kenya Airways plane that landed at the Jomo Kenyatta Airport at 02.50hrs, Sunday morning.

The Kenyan Citizens expressed their joy of coming back to their motherland. Speaking to Citizen’s TV reporter Enock as Sikolia, Stephanie Atieno, one of the returnees explained that couldn’t be happier to come back after spending almost five months on lockdown. Sylvia Mungai, another returnee who has been working a teacher in Taiwan, told Enos Sikolia that she had depleted her savings following her dismissal from tutoring.

Kenya Airways explained that its crew and the passengers had to adhere to extreme guidelines to alleviates the risks of infections. The Kenya Airways crew had to avoid touch-techniques as thy provided services to the passengers and screening them for Covid-19.

The 165 passengers were taken to quarantine facilities of their choice, where they will spend the next 14 days awaiting confirmation that they are Covid-19 negative.

The quarantined persons, however, are complaining that the government is not honoring their promises. From a video accessed by Standard Digital Videos, the returns are angry that they are being asked to pay for the quarantine facilities and services.

The Kenyan government has also repatriated Kenyans from India, China, UAE, South Sudan, United Kingdom, Dubai, and Saudi Arabia.