Law enforcement agencies in Tharaka Nithi Sub-County have launched a manhunt for a man who purportedly assaulted his wife sexually after suspecting her of infidelity.

Kiprop Rutto, the Tharaka South Police Commander, allege that the suspect who hails from Kamatungu inserted pepper, salt, and onions in his wife’s genitals using a sharp knife. After that, the suspect sealed his wife’s private parts with superglue.

According to the victim, her husband told her they had to relocate from their home to avoid arrest by police for leaving Nairobi, which is under a lockdown owing to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The victim alleges that no sooner had they reached the Kathita River than her husband threatened to kill her, and ordered her to undress completely.

The assaulted victim then told the police that her husband ordered her to name all them she had cheated on him during his stay in Nairobi. It is then that the man used a sharp knife to insert a mixture of sand, onions, and pepper in her genitals and sealed her with superglue.

After that, the victim alleges that her abuser sealed her ears and mouth using sand and super glue, leaving her in life-threatening condition.