A push present-also called a push gift is a present that a partner gives to the birthing mother to celebrate her for giving birth to their child. A push present is given before or after birth.

The act of giving push gifts has been popular in the western world, especially with celebrities.

Kylie Jenner received a $1.4 million Ferrari from her baby daddy, Travis Scott. Jennifer Lopez received rare Canary diamond earring and a matching ring worth $2.5 million from her then-husband, Marc Anthony. Kanye West gifted her wife Kim Kardashian with a $1 million Lorraine Schwartz choker after giving birth to their son Saint. And Jayz gifted Beyonce a $35, 000 blue, 8-10 carat diamond ring for after delivering Blue Ivy.

Kenyan Celebrities are also catching up to the craze.  Catherine Kamau, popularly known as Kate Actress, received a brand new BMW X5 from her hubby, Philip Karanja, one month after giving birth to their daughter. Milly wa Jesus of the WaJesus Family, came home a redecorated living room from the hospital after delivering their son, Taji.

Kabi wa Jesus his Wife Milly wa Jesus with a push gift

On Sunday, May 17, 2020, a Facebook user and a member of the ‘PARENTING GROUP’ asked the group members,

“Mums, after delivery of your babies, what push presents or cs presents were you bought for by your husbands, boyfriends or baby daddys or the Lord is your Shepherd? Mimi nilinunuliwa my current Samsung Galaxy S9plus na baby daddy that was in 2018 when the phone had just been released/launched into the market, I’m praying for a car for my baby no 2 😁🤗 Let’s hear from you mums! I know girls who got brand new cars, houses…list is endless! Go on…”

Check out the hilarious responses the group members gave;