Femi One (R) and Azziad (Left)

Femi One took to her Instagram to celebrate 5 million YouTube views of her song “Utawezana’ featuring Mejja. Shortly after, Femi One’s fans swarmed the comment section reminding her to thank and Azziad for pushing the song’s popularity to unimaginable heights.

Azziad Nasenya is a 19-year-old-actress and content creator, who came in the limelight after her Tik Tok dance video on the “Utawezana” jam trended on the web. Her dance video has over 600, 000 views on Tik Tok, which has made Azziad an instant celebrity.

The self-proclaimed rapper, however, did not appreciate the assumption that Azziad made the song famous. Femi One exclaimed that the catchy tune was a massive hit before the Tik Tok dance queen whined to it. She retorted,

“The song was already trending on TikTok that’s why she did the challenge because she came across it on TikTok.”

Femi One Refutes she need to pay Azziad for Popularizing her Utawezana Song

The truth is, Azziad Nasenya has never expected any financial gratitude from Femi One. Nevertheless, Femi One should acknowledge that Azziad’S mesmerizing Tik Tok video helped her song reach to 5 million views.

Azziad has also benefited from her trending Tik Tok video. She has an upcoming radio show, and the directors of “Too Early for Birds”  have expressed their interest in working with her.